• By registering on the server, users automatically accept the following set of rules, regardless of whether they have read them or not. We recommend reading the regulations carefully to avoid sanctions. The server team reserves the right to warn, censor, and ban users who break these rules.

General Rules

Respect and Behavior

    • Players must play agreeably and respect the community and team. Respectful behavior towards other users and the team is expected.

Managing Frustrations

    • Players are encouraged to manage their frustrations positively and not take them out on other members or the team.

Reporting Offenses

    • If a player notices someone breaking the rules or using bugs, they must report it to a team member immediately. Failure to comply with this rule may lead to sanctions.

Restrictions for Staff

    • It is forbidden for a staff member with a rank higher than [GM] to have player accounts and play actively on the server. Suspicions of this behavior must be reported urgently to [SA] Obsidian.
Conflict Management

    • If a player notices disturbing comments, it is recommended to ignore them and not initiate conflicts. The team is available to provide assistance.

Respect for Terms and Conditions

    • Do not look for ways to breach the server's Terms and Conditions.

Inappropriate Expressions

    • Avoid using creativity to say inappropriate things.

Advertising and Promotion

    • Posting advertisements for other servers or promotional activities, including links to other servers, is prohibited. Examples of custom costumes from other servers are strictly prohibited. Advertising our server on other servers is also forbidden.

Arguments and Language

    • Arguments are allowed within reason. Excessive and repeated swearing will be punished with a mute.

Respect for Staff

    • Swearing directed at a staff member will be punished with a 99-hour mute or a ban, depending on the severity of the situation.

Inappropriate Names

    • Names very similar to those of team members or containing tags such as GM, GA, SGA, etc., are prohibited.

Pornographic Content

    • Posting pornographic content is prohibited in the game. On Discord, this type of content is only allowed in the NSFW section.

Use of Illegal Software

    • Using any illegal software (cheat, hack) will lead to a permanent account ban without the possibility of unbanning. Repeated violation of this rule will lead to an IP/HWID ban.

Account Security

    • It is forbidden to share login details with other players.

Accusations without Evidence

    • Accusations without evidence against a staff member will be punished with a 99-hour mute or a permanent ban, depending on the severity of the situation.


    • It is forbidden to disclose details from the private life of another player or staff member without their consent, both on the server and on Discord. This will lead to a permanent ban.

Posting Photos without Consent

    • It is forbidden to post "revenge" photos or screenshots without the consent of the involved person. This will be punished with a ban.

Conflicts between Servers

    • Attempting to create a conflict between two servers can lead to a permanent ban. Administrators of small servers know each other, and such conflicts will be to your disadvantage.

Discrimination and Racism

    • Racial slurs and discrimination are prohibited, both on the server and on Discord. These types of insults are not accepted even as a joke.

Denigrating the Server

    • Insults and denigration against the server will be punished with a ban.


    • Spam is prohibited, both in the game and on Discord.

Trades between Servers

    • Trades between servers are allowed only if conducted with the help of a staff member. In any other case, the team is not responsible for the traded items.

Trade Format

    • Trades between servers must be conducted in the format "Giving here for another server, details in private". Directly mentioning another server may lead to sanctions.

Trading for Real Money

    • Trading items or accounts for real money is strictly prohibited and will be sanctioned with a ban for both persons involved in the transaction.

Respecting Linguistic Diversity

    • Mocking or making fun of players who do not speak the same language as you is prohibited and will be sanctioned accordingly.

    • These rules are meant to ensure a fair and respectful gaming environment for all community members. Please follow them to contribute to a positive experience for all users.